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    Advanced Digital Cable Inc. (ADC) utilizes the most current manufacturing technology and equipment to ensure superior quality and a true Made exclusively In The USA product. We have a complete offering of wire and cable to service the ever changing electronic market.

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  • XHHW and USE

    We now offer up to 750 MCM Size Building Wire


    ADC has become a key supplier of XHHW-2 and USE-2 Building Wire. We have been able to manufacture a high quality product at a competitive price. We are pleased to announce that we have now expanded our capabilities and are able to offer feeder sizes up to and including 750 MCM.
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    Introducing PowerPlex™

    Avoid the costly set-up of multiple reels and the tangled mess of a paralleled reel. Make your next pull easier, faster with less tension and stress. Get PowerPlex™!

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  • Check out our new RF Communications Catalog

    Advanced Digital Cable Inc. (ADC) was founded in 1997 and began making coaxial cable for the booming digital cable market. Since that time ADC has grown to be a key manufacturer of not only digital coaxial cable but a wide range of high performance 50 Ohm cables and connectors for RF communications and transmission.

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  • Electronic


    Coaxial, Fire, Security, Repel,
    Card Access, Temperature
    Control, Speaker
  • Industrial


    Tray Cable, Control Cable,
    USE, XHHW, THW, Cathodic,
    Bare Copper

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  • Traffic


    Signal Cable, Loop Wire, Loop
    Lead-In, Pre-Emption, Video
    Detection, XHHW, USE, Bare
  • RenewableEnergy


    Single Pass PV, Dual Pass PV,
    WTTC Tray Cable, USE,
    RHH/RHW-2, Bare Copper, PV

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  • RF

    RF Comm.

    50 Ohm Coaxial, MIL Type
    Coaxial, 50 Ohm Connectors &
    Adaptors, Rotor Cable, Power
  • Automotive


    XLP & PVC UL Styles, SIS,
    TFFN, MIL Types, Automotive
    Primary, Brake Cable,
    Trailer Cable

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  • Utility


    20/10 Control, Transformer
    Riser, Tracer, Bare Copper,
    Line Wire

  • Irrigation


    UF-B, UF, Twisted Pump, Flat
    Pump, Heavy-Duty Flat Pump,
    Sprinkler, Center Pivot

Copper Update


Monthly Copper Average

April                    $2.18 lb
March                  $2.23 lb


Corporate News

newsSteve Payne, President of ADC is a 2015 WCMA Distinguished Career Award Recipient

ADC is pleased to announce that Steve Payne, President of ADC, is one of the 2015 Wire & Cable Manufactuers Alliance's Distinguished Career Award Recipients.

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