BNC Type Connectors


Mechanical Specifications:

BODY: Brass Nickel
GASKET: Silicon Rubber
COUPLING: Bayonet Nut (BNC)
TERMINATION: Compression Seal, Single Crimp, Dual Crimp, Twist-on

Termination Instructions

ADC Part NumberDescriptionDownload PDF
B1C2D BNC Male Compression RG-59 CM/CMP
B1C3D BNC Male Compression RG-6 CM/CMP
B1H123D BNC Male Single Hex Crimp - All 75 ohm cable
B1D1D BNC Male Dual Crimp RG-58
B1D2D BNC Male Dual Crimp RG-59 CM/CMP
B1D3D BNC Male Dual Crimp RG-6 CM/CMP
B1D6T BNC Male Dual Crimp Mini (DVR) RG59
B1T2D BNC Male Twist-on RG-59 CM
B2H123D BNC Female Single Crimp - All 75 ohm cable
These specifications are subject to change at anytime without notice.

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