RF Connectors N

type n

Mechanical Specifications:

BODY, NUT: Brass Silver
FERRULE: Brass Silver 
GASKET: Silicon Rubber
COUPLING: Threaded
TERMINATION: Dual Crimp, Solder or Clamp

ADC Part Number Description Download PDF
N1D1TS Straight Male Crimp Plug RG58/LMR200 Type
N1D8TS Straight Male Crimp Plug RG8X/LMR240 Type
N1D4TS Straight Male Crimp Plug RG8/213/214/LMR400 Type
N1S4TS Straight Male Solder Plug RG8/213/214/LMR400 Type
N1CL4TS Straight Male Clamp Plug RG8/213/214/LMR400 Type
N2D1TS Straight Female Crimp RG58/LMR200 Type
N2D1TS Female Panel Mount Jack RG58/LMR200 Type
N10NTS Female Panel Mount Jack with Solder Tail
N3NTS Jack to Jack Coupler
These specifications are subject to change at anytime without notice.