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Repel Communication - Shielded and Unshielded Direct Burial



Bare copper conductors, PVC/NYLON insulation, Cabled together, Water block tape, Aluminum polyester foil with drain wire, Black PVC jacket. Sequential footage marking.


  • Security Systems
  • Intercom Systems
  • Sound/Audio Systems
  • Power-Limited ControlsRepelLogo
ADC Part NumberDescriptionDownload PDF
6802WB 18/2c
6602WB 16/2c
6402WB 14/2c
6202WB 12/2c
6802SDWB 18/2c
6602SDWB 16/2c
6402SDWB 14/2c
6202SDWB 12/2c
These specifications are subject to change at anytime without notice.

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